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Investing Tips

Read the book “Fail-Safe Investing, lifelong Financial Safety in 30 Minutes” by Harry Browne.


The answers have been written for other topics. You have to “translate” it to your question. Not everything is meant for your question. Do yourself a favor, read until the end.

“How do I start?”

1. Take care of your physical and psychological health in the first place!! This remark has nothing to do with your question, but is inspired by the fact that health is more important than money.

2. First things first. When your money arrives in your account, you FIRST save money (10%), SECOND reduce debt (10%) and THIRD spend money. Otherwise you will find out that there will be almost never money left to save. Then “forget” (as a matter of speaking) that you have saved.

3. Money is like the crop of a farmer. 10% of the crop is the basis of the crop of the next year. The rest is to make a living off. Say this a thousand times a day (I exaggerate) After a few months, your subconscious will start to believe this statement and start help you act in accordance with it. (The farmer lives for his crop, because his crop gives life to so many people, not for the crop itself, but for what it does to himself and many people. The same with money. A scrooge goes for the money for no other reason than the money. A hard working person goes for the money, because it means a living).

4. Another piece of advice I always give is to buy 1 ounce of PHYSICAL silver each month and keep it until the day you retire. In the long run you will have profits. You will not easily sell the silver for other purposes (very important), so you will have your own retirement capital, even if it is a relatively small sum of money. If you are 20 years of age, you have lived for 240 months and you should have 240 ounces of physical silver. One ounce of silver costs now more or less $20, so you should not feel the buy in your budget, even if you have to buy two ounces for the next 240 months, because you started too late with that idea.

5. Choose also one note or coin, that you never spend when it comes into your hands by accident and in an honest way. “My coins” are pieces of €1 and €2. Put them in a jar and “forget” them for a long period of time.

6. Debt and alcohol works in the same way. Use both with moderation and you have pleasure. Enjoy too much and you have problems. Get addicted and you are in real trouble..

7. Cut up your credit card and use a debit card instead. As far as I can know it is not that simple in the USA because of the laws about improper charges and fraud.

8. Avoid advertising. What ever they told you, the only purpose of advertising is to seduce you to spend your money on their stuff that you nine out of ten do not need anyway. I have a television that can stop and delay the broadcast. I stop at the beginning of the advertising and 7 minutes later I wind fast forward. Window shopping is also a form of advertising

9. 80% of all problems are caused by 20% of reasons. So if you can find out those 20% reasons that make you spend 80% of all your money, it makes easier for you to reduce your expenses.

10. Avoid bars, restaurants and paid entertainment.

11. A penny saved is a penny earned. Many, if not most spending vs. saving decisions occur in the small moments of life, at the pennies level.



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