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Free Survival Whistle

Answer this simple question. If the police came to your house tonight and told you to barricade your windows and doors because a serial killer was on the loose you’d do it immediatelywouldn’t you?

Of course you would!


If that’s what it took to help protect you and your family you wouldn’t even think twice about it.

Well police have long recommended portable self-defense tools like whistles to help keep people protected from violent criminals.

And that’s exactly why you should get this tiny but powerful whistle; to help protect yourself and those you love!

Simply stated this whistle is one of the best lines of defense to help increase anyone’s odds of survival in any situation.

Police recommend it because it can go places guns can’t (like your child’s school or onto private property). They also recommend it because it’s so damn loud it’ll quickly scare away a violent attacker. Plus in survival situations it can also be used to help rescuers locate you in a hurry.

Owning a whistle like this is incredibly important.

Think about it. Considering the number of brutal rapes, disgusting crimes and the number of natural disasters taking place in America are on the rise you can plainly see why now is the perfect time to own this survival whistle.

Especially when you can get it for FREE.

free screaming whistle

The first thing you need to know about the Scream Whistle is it’s NOT an ordinary whistle, not even close.

The Scream Whistle was actually designed by top survival experts specifically for emergency/survival situations.

Unlike normal whistles you’d buy at a department store this incredible whistle uses a “pea-less” design so it’ll work in any condition.

Dunk it in water, use it when it’s snowing outside and it’ll work like a champ. It will never freeze, never clog and will always work when you need it to.

Perhaps the most important feature of this whistle is that it’s loud…really loud…like wake the dead loud.

A simple puff of air creates an intense 100 decibel SHRIEK that can easily be heard from a mile away. That’s loud enough so rescue crews can find you without a problem AND it’s loud enough to make a thug think twice about attacking.

Simply put because it’s so easy to use and so darn loud this whistle could help save your life.

If you can see why it makes sense for you or someone you love to own this tiny whistle then you’ll love the next thing you read…

Not only is this super-small whistle incredibly loud and able to help save your life…by reading this page you qualify to receive one for FREE.

Please be aware this is a special offer. You could get another emergency survival whistle like this but you’d expect to pay $9.95 or more. This is your chance to get the ultra-loud Scream Whistle for FREE.

whistle in hand

When you get your free whistle from clicking here....You will also get all the freebies below as well. I will admit, this whistle has saved my life a few times. I recommend this to all women. This is a must have.

Evasive Driving Techniques

Bonus #1- Evasive Driving Techniques

In an emergency situation you may be forced to drive outside of your comfort zone. To get to safety quickly it helps to know these easy to master and highly effective driving techniques:

  • Discover the 4 “CIA inspired” steps to evasive driving. This is vital if you’re ever being followed…
  • Learn the 5 tactical route planning tips that you must follow when scouting out your escape route…
  • And uncover the one “friendly” gesture that can get you car-jacked or even killed in a bad neighborhood.(This is an almost automatic response, so be sure to read page 11 carefully!)

But once you’ve put these evasive driving techniques to use and gotten back to your home, it doesn’t mean danger is going to disappear. That’s why your next free bonus is…

Home Defense  Secrets

Bonus #2 – Home Defense Secrets

You need to make your home as secure as an armored fortress — without having to spend a lot of money or make any obvious preparations that’ll bring looters down on you.

That’s why in this guide you’ll see:

  • The one simple system you can install that will make your home nearly 298% less likely to be broken into!
  • And pay close attention to the one mistake most people make when they lock their doors (sounds impossible to do, but read page 10 carefully!).
  • Harness these 6 covert ways to camouflage your house and make it completely unattractive to intruders!
Ultimate Survival Blueprint

Bonus #3 – Ultimate Survival Blueprint

An incredible resource, teaches you some of the most important information to help you prepare for crisis way before it happens.


  • The exact items needed for your go-bag (and what you should never, ever put inside it).
  • How to prepare your automobile for a crisis. It might not work unless you see this.
  • Crazy and affordable ways to generate FREE energy in a blackout. These can even be used now to save tons, and tons of money!
  • How to communicate during crisis. Cell phones might not work but these methods will.
  • The most effective way to organize your family emergency plans. Without this you might want to start picking out gravestones and much, much more!

Click here to get all the above absolutely FREE!



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